Literary hub is considered a site readers can rely on for "entertaining writing about all things books". Literary hub provides original excerpts, content, and also editorial features from many partners including bookstores, publishers of small and large journals. Due to the current state of America Literary Hub has expressed an interest in wanting to connect writers with their readers, which is why they have decided to launch The Virtual Book Club. 

The Virtual Book Club will feature original programming such as: 

Shelter in Place: Maris Kreizman in conversation with writers about what it's like to have their books come out during a time of crisis. (Throughout the week.)

Playback: Authors choose from a host of questions and interview themselves about life, writing, and their brand new books, all in ten minutes. (TBD)

Rekindled: Bringing previously scheduled book tour conversations back to life, Rekindled features all the in-depth engagement of an in-store event with none of the “more comment than a question” guys. (TBD)

Decameron Reading Series: Brian Gresko hosts a weekly reading and Q and A named for the Bocaccio classic. People whiling away their quarantine nights telling tales to one another? Yes. (Tuesdays at 8pm EST)

The Online Literary Happy Hour: Matt Bell hosts an informal reading and conversation with writers Amber Sparks, Megan Giddings, and Mary South. (one-time special, today, Friday at 5:30 EST)

Check out the link below to get the latest video from the virtual book channel:

Here is a sneak peak at Shelter in place Maris Kreizman interview with writer Kate Elizabeth Russell as she talks about her debut Novel "My Dark Vanessa" , and  be sure to check out the Virtual Book Channel for more original episodes. 

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