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Forum Rules
  1. Treat other members with respect.
  2. One account per patron.
    Contact Alexis Lawrence at with questions or if you forget your password.
  3. You must be 13+ to participate.
  4. Do not post spoilers in thread titles. Exercise caution; assume conversations on this message board may contain spoilers unless otherwise noted.
  5. No pornographic messages, images, or links to such material. Limit swearing and vulgarity. Keep it clean.
    Any user found in violation will be banned.
  6. Read forum names and descriptions before posting to ensure you are submitting to the appropriate forum.
    Threads posted in the incorrect forum will be moved.
  7. No spam.
    Any post considered as spam will be removed.
  8. No advertising.
    This includes but is not limited to: your own or someone else's book, business, service.
  9. Please do not post in ALL CAPITALS as this is interpreted as shouting.
  10. Insults, personal attacks, threats against forum/library staff or other users will not be tolerated.
    Any users in violation of this will be reported to the Library Director or the police.
  11. No illegal activity such as torrents and illegal downloads.

What happens if I break a rule ?
  • Depending on the severity of the infraction, first infractions will receive a verbal warning.
  • Continued disregard for rules may result in suspension and/or ban.

    Forum rules are subject to change as needed.
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